EcoCitizen World Map Project

In an effort to recognize “the future we want” in the context of Rio +20 conference, as “the future we are creating,” Ecocity Builders has created this social mapping project as a way to bring light to the amazing projects that people are working on to make their local communitites more sustainable. We invite you to add your own projects to the map by clicking the image below. You can view the entire map here as well, and hopefully be inspired to make your own community more sustainable.

This map, based on the Ecocity Framework, offers a place and a pathway for people everywhere to add their voices and be counted as contributing members of the new green and equitable economy.

From community garden, clean energy, or ecoliteracy projects to waterway restorations, green businesses, or new bicycle pathways, the EcoCitizen World Map Project is an invitation to ecocitizens around the world to share anything that is improving the health of the complete urban ecosystem somewhere in their neighborhoods and communities.

The Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro has taken the lead in mapping their diverse community. We are now inviting all parties interested in increasing visibility and outreach for their Rio+20 related work around the world to join as part of the Rio+20 process.


The EcoCitizen World Map Project is a part of the Ecocity Census: A project of Ecocity Builders and the International Ecocity Framework and Standards Initiative.


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